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Smoby ironing table with iron

Have you just washed your doll's clothes?Dry them on the drying rack and then iron them with the Smo..

€24.10 Ex Tax: €19.92

Smoby vacuum cleaner

Help your mum and dad with the housework thanks to Smoby's vacuum cleaner.Press the button and the h..

€13.90 Ex Tax: €11.49


Help at home
Children like nothing better than to imitate everything theri mum or dad do. That is why we have the necessary toys for the ideal helper in our range. Children also learn how the household works. Do you need to vacuum and does your child want to take the vacuum cleaner away to vacuum by himself? Then maybe it's time for his or her own vacuum cleaner. That way, your household work will be done twice as fast, or at least twice as much fun. 
Ironing is also a task that needs to be done. However, an iron is a dangerous device for children. If you want to prevent your child from playing with the real iron, you might want to make sure that there is a toy version in the house with its own ironing table. That way, you can be more reassured that all of a sudden, no one is helping out with the real thing.

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