Parlour games

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Burping Barry companion game

Nice family game where you have to feed Barry rotting food!If you are the one who makes him burp, yo..

€24.50 Ex Tax: €20.25

Domino Express Amazing Looping

A box full of domino stunts.Everything falls... and in one move everything stands upright again with..

€18.85 Ex Tax: €15.58

Domino Large 228 pieces

The large domino game is the combination of a marble track and dominoes, this ensures hours of fun!B..

€14.35 Ex Tax: €11.86

Eichhorn memory game

Be the first to find the right woodenn pictures of the different figures and win the Eichhorn memory..

€7.40 Ex Tax: €6.12

Electronic ball track ultimate set

Build a supercool course for the marbles with the 135 parts, including a motorised Ferris wheel, and..

€61.00 Ex Tax: €50.41

Games & More Fish game

The fishing game from Games & More: let the piranhas go up and down, swing out your fishing rod and ..

€10.90 Ex Tax: €9.01

Games & More journey Bingo

'Bingo!', you shout when you win this exciting game.Give each player a card and let the wheel with 9..

€2.80 Ex Tax: €2.31

Games & More Shiverspiral

Attention! The wire is hot!In this dexterity game, you must try to guide a rod along the wire withou..

€8.00 Ex Tax: €6.61

Hollow spherical big party game

This piggy loves hamburgers!He can't get enough of them!So give him the hamburger that the die indic..

€24.50 Ex Tax: €20.25

Jumbo Stratego Junior 4 +

Stratego junior contains two game variants: Stratego Quest and Stratego Victory!Players who have nev..

€22.65 Ex Tax: €18.72

Jumbo Stratego Original

Strategically try to conquer your opponent's flag in Stratego Original.Tomorrow I must send my army ..

€36.20 Ex Tax: €29.92

Mariokart Monopoly Gamer French version

Attention!This game, Mariokart Monopoly Gamer, is e French version...

€33.60 Ex Tax: €27.77

Monopoly Classic

This is the most famous real estate game for fast negotiators in which players buy, sell, negotiate ..

€28.40 Ex Tax: €23.47

Monopoly Super Mario Celebration English version

English version!Hasbro Gaming's Monopoly Super Mario, inspired by graphics, themes and figures from ..

€37.90 Ex Tax: €31.32

Playing carpet Little Village 200 cm x 140 cm

Drive through the streets on this super fun playmat with your favourite cars!Dimensions: 200 cm x 14..

€22.75 Ex Tax: €18.80

Scrabble Original

The classic battle in which words determine the winner! Scrabble, the world-famous word game: great ..

€37.60 Ex Tax: €31.07

Smoby Football table blue

Invite your friends and family for a game of table football and turn it into an exciting competition..

€55.80 Ex Tax: €46.12

Smoby table football red

Enter the No.1 football club, with the reference of starting football.Robust product with modern lin..

€112.00 Ex Tax: €92.56

Uno card game

The most played family card game!Be the first to get rid of all your cards!Use action cards against ..

€10.80 Ex Tax: €8.93

Wow tricks Magic Hat Set Magicbox

The Wow tricks Magic Hat Set contains 150 easy magic tricks!Contents:Manual with detailed explanatio..

€8.25 Ex Tax: €6.82

Parlour games

Parlour games
The word says it all: these are toys to play together with the family, friends, etc. At Stesha Wellness, we have thought of young and old here too.

For the youngest, we have games that everyone has played as a child. Just think of the fish game or a memory game. And who has never put dominoes right? This is now a bit quicker than it used to be, thanks to the domino express lanes. In the past you have to be creative to have something special in your domino lane, now thesre are loops and other pieces that make it more exciting. Let your child discover the board games that you played yourself in your youth.

For those who have outgrown this board games, we still have various board games. Think of the many different types of Monopoly that exist today. Maybe you are a great strategist or you want to become one. Practice now with the game Stratego or Stratego junior. Capture your opponent's flag and become the winner of the battlefield.

For the sporty types, we also have football tables in our range. When the football season is over, you will have a substitute that can be just as exciting and fun. Hours of matchmaking fun guaranteed.

Order quickly and easily
You can always order all board games online. They will then be delivered to your home or another address of your choice a few days later. Would you rather not order online? That is also possible. You can also visit us in our shop in Houthulst