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If you are looking for the ideal shop for your child(ren), you should definitely take a look at our assortment. We heve some models of Smoby shops and also the wooden shop of Eichhorn could not be missed in our assortment. The size of the shops differs for each type. Each shop comes with various accessories such as fruit, vegetables, preserves,... Does a shop take up too muck space? Then we also have separate cash register systems. This way, you can play shop from a table.



Every shopkeeper likes to have a wide range of products. That is why we also have many additional packages with foodstuffs for the shops. For example, we have crates of fruit and vegetables that can also be displayed in the shops. A 20-piece shopping set in which you can find milk, chocolate, yoghurt, canned goods, etc. Sets with meat and fish. Maybe your shopkeeper would also like a small restaurant. We have sets for that too, like a tray with fast food and a tray with sandwiches.


Order your kitchenette now and soon you can fill up the shopping trolley so that you can pass by the cash desk and do the shopping for mummy and daddy. A lot of time saved!

Order the desired items online or drop by our pick-up point in Houthulst.