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Do you have a creative mind at home? Then you will find what you are looking for on this page. At Stesha Wellness, you will find craft kits for children from 2 years of age.


Let your son or daughter have fun with finger paints and stamps, or perhaps foil mosaic or bead stringing is something they would rather do. In our range, you will also find many different stringing bead kits. These are for small and for older children. For the little ones, we have the maxi ironing beads bij Hama. This is the same principle as the normal ironing beads, but they are much larger so that they can be easily handled by smaller children. With the regular ironing beads, we have many different sizes of boxes and also many different themes. In each box, there are matching plates in different shapes.


If your child prefers to play with plasticine, we also have Play-Doh in our range. Or when they are a bit older they can bake pots in the Pottery cool studio. They can make their own biros holder or a pot to put jewels in. Let their imagination run wild.


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