Toy guns

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Toy guns

Would you like to walk in the shoes of a policeman, a sniper or a real, tough knight? Stesha Wellness can certainly help you with that too.


Has someone called you because they are being robbed? Then quickly grab your police riffle and go after the thieves.


Would you rather go after the aliens? Then we have the ideal tools for you in our range. The planet fights big laser sword and the planet fights space shooter laser gun are your best friends in this chase. When you have an alien standing in front of you, he has certainly no chance of abducting you to his planet.


Maybe you prefer to go back to the time of knights and princesses. Then grab your sword and shield an go with your horse to break the curse that has been put on the princess. On your way to her castle, take on all kinds of enemies such as other knights, dragons,enchanted plants,... Who knows, you might even marry the princess and live happily ever after.


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