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Ship Ahoy, tough pirates!
Immerse yourself in the world of pirates with your very own rowboat. Choose a large inflatable boat and sail with your friends across the sea, river or swimming pool. Or choose a small children's boat and let your sweethearts sail theirs like tough pirates! Depending on which boat you choose, the inflatable rowing boat comes with oars, inflating pumps and seats. 

Float together
Great, you're each in your own pool, but you keep drifting away from each other. We have the perfect solution! With the 'River Run' collection, this problem has been wiped off the map. Hang the rings together with a simple click system and you will continue to float around together. Thirst while sunbathing in the water? No problem, with the mega chill cooler and mega chill bar, you can quench your thirst anywhere, anytime in the pool, river or sea!