Sportball pool

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Sportball pool


Different colours and sizes
Beach balls, volleyballs, play balls, ... there are many different balls to play with (outside). Fortunately, we at Stesha Wellness have selected the most popular ones for you. The largest ball we offer has a diameter of 107 cm. This large beach ball immediately attracts attention and is therefore one of our best-selling swimming pool articles. There are also several theme balls such as Cars, Toy Story, the Lion King, Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty,... In addition to the beach balls made of vinyl, we also have volleybals and harder play balls. 

Endless use with the play balls
You can use a ball for many purposes. It doesn't always have to be bright sunshine to bring out the balls. Just think of the smaller play balls by Intex. These balls are perfect to use in an indoor bouncy castle or ball pool. The smaller balls can also be used in the pool. With the Small Fun Ballz, hours of pool fun is guaranteed for all members of the family. The beautiful colours of the balls will also brighten up the pool immediately. A must have for oyur toy collection!