Vacuum cleaner

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Supa-vac under water vacuum and venturi vacuum cleaner

For above-ground, splash and children's pools, you can use this hoover to clean your pool.Can also b..

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Rechargeable vacuum cleaner Intex

By regularly vacuuming with the rechargeable hoover, you maintain beautiful pool water.This hoover h..

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Vacuum cleaner

Always have a clean spa
A spa is a wonderful place to enjoy and relax after a busy day at work. However, relaxation can quickly slip away and turn into annoyance when you suddenly feel sand or small pebbles around your body. You want to get these out of the water, but instead you start to agitate in the water, spreading the small particles even more in your spa.
The best and easiest way to avoid this annoyance is to vacuum your spa regularly.
We offer several hoovers in our range that can help you with the small particles.The Supa-Vac is an underwater hoover that you should combine with your garden hose. It can be used for your spa or your small pool. The Intex rechargeable hoover is a hoover that does not require any other tools such as a garden hose. It works with a rechargeable battery. It is very important that the Intex underwater hoover is only used underwater. Above water it can burn.
Choose the one that suits you best and enjoy the relaxing feeling of the spa again.