Water pistol

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Set of 2 waterpistols green-blue

Two medium-sized water guns with a very accurate spray pattern.Colours: yellow with green and yellow..

€11.85 Ex Tax: €9.79

Waterpistol large Kerlis

Have endless fun with the large Kerlis water pistol.Dimensions: 17 cm x 13 cm x 4 cm...

€10.60 Ex Tax: €8.76

Set of 4 waterpistols

4 water guns for a real water fightSize: 18 cm x 5 cm x 11 cm.Ideal for several children around the ..

€10.60 Ex Tax: €8.76

Water pistol


Imagine, you're in the middle of a water fight and the water pistol runs out of water. We have the perfect solution for this. With the pool cannon, your water fight can go on as long as you like. Put the connector (the flexible tube) in the water and water is continuously pumped into the water gun. Ideal for hours of pool fun! 

To the attack! 
Let the children's imagination run wild and use water guns. There is nothing more fun for small and big children to spray someone wet. 
Fill up your water pistol, aim and shoot! With a water pistol, hours of water fun are guaranteed. In our wide range, you are sure to find the right water pistol for you. Would you like to order a water pistol from your sofa? That's easy through our webshop! Would you rather see the water guns in real life? That's also possible, come to our collection point and choose your favourite water pistol for the summer. We wish you lots of water fun.